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This article will guide you through how to use the trainer dashboard.

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User Roles

  • Operations Manager
  • Trainer

How to: Using the Trainer Dashboard 

The trainer dashboard provides data in real-time that can be used to determine what action a trainer needs to take, as well as metrics to monitor own performance.

Actions Dashboard: 

The first dashboard a trainer will see when they log into Bud is the ‘Actions’ dashboard. This area will show a trainer what ‘Actions’ they have to keep their caseloads up to date on a daily basis, including: 

  • Messages – This section will show any unread messages from learners to prompt trainers to review and respond to the message.
  • Submissions – This section shows when a learner has submitted work, via their portal, to the trainer for marking.
  • Inactive – This section shows any learners who have not shown engagement through submitting any work or messages via their learning portal within the last 28 days.
  • Overdue – This section shows any learners who have overdue items on their learning plan:
        • ALS Support – where a learner requires additional learning support and has not had any support logged via Bud for over 28 days.
        • Overdue Progress Review – where a learner has a progress review planned in the system, and the planned date has passed
        • No planned Progress Review – where a learner has no further progress review planned, and 12 or more weeks have passed since their last review
  • To do – This section shows a trainer, where they have had an IQA report completed for one of their learners and they need to review the report and confirm all actions are complete.

Live Metrics and Breaks & Withdrawals

This section shows some key trainer metrics that we believe a trainer may want to view to help and support caseload management. The data is real-time and can be ‘drilled into’ by clicking on the blue number.  This action will show the learners who are affecting this number allowing you to analyse the relevant learners.

Employer Metric: 

In this area, trainers can see if they have any learners on programme at a location which has missing Health & Safety Evidence and/or Liability Insurance. This is driven by the employer data held within the ‘Employer Section’ in Bud. If evidence is missing or has expired, we show this information to the relevant trainer. The purpose of this is to prompt the trainer who has a learner on the site, that they need to speak with an employer for up-to-date copies at their next available opportunity.  This ensures your H&S and Liability Insurance data for your learners’ locations are always up to date.

On clicking the value shown in the dashboard, you are able to drill down into the employer locations or employers where that evidence is no longer valid.



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