Learner Overview - Capturing a Learner's Predicted End Date


It is possible to record a 'Predicted End Date' within Bud, indicating when you expect a learner to complete their programme of learning.

This is useful in helping you to forecast trainers and IQA's caseload and understand which learners are not on course to complete their learning by the planned end date. 

User Roles

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  • Ops Manager

How to: Capture A Learner's Predicted End Date

The Predicted End Date is located on the 'Overview' page for any learner and can be updated as frequently as necessary (with a history being stored and displayed for each learner)


Please note the predicted end date won't be used to update the ILR or the progression metrics for learners at this stage

Reporting of the Predicted End Date is available within the 'learners in trainer caseload' report in Bud's embedded standard reports. 

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