Adding Preferred Genders & Pronouns to your Account


This article will explain how to add your preferred gender & pronouns to your Bud account.


User Roles

The following users will be able to add their preferred gender & pronouns to their account:

  • Learners
  • All training provider users


How to add your preferred gender and/or pronouns to your account

Click your account icon in the top-right of the Bud page. Then click "Account".


At the bottom of the "Basic info" table you will see a new section called "Preferred Pronouns & Gender". Click the "edit" button and you will be presented with the ability to select or edit your preferred pronoun and/or gender.

Account pronouns edit.PNG

Once you've selected your preferences, click "save" and they will be saved to your account.

You can view your selected preferences on this page:

Account pronouns read.PNG

If you are a learner and have already selected your preferred pronouns and/or gender during your Apprenticeship application, these will already be shown on this page. You will be able to edit them from here, if you want to.

Where the selected pronouns are displayed in Bud

If you have selected your preferred pronouns, these will be shown on your contact card in Bud.

For learners, your preferences will be shown on your training provider's and employer's view of your contact card, such as:

Contact card with pronouns.PNG

For trainers, your preferences will be shown on your learner's view of your contact card, such as:trainer contact card with pronouns.PNG


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