How to Disable a User


This article will guide you on how to disable a user once a user no longer needs access to the platform. To do this you must be a system administrator within your tenancy please speak with your account manager to grant you these permissions.

User Roles  

  • System Administrators   

How to: Disable a User

  • Navigate to the admin section of Bud and select user management.
  • Search for the individual you wish to disable and click edit.
  • Select the disable user button at the top right of the screen. 
  • Click OK to confirm that you wish to disable the user


If you wish to reinstate an individual who has been disabled please contact the support desk as you will not be able to reverse this action.


Bud Recommends

  • Providers implement this step whenever a user exits the business.
  • A users account has its permissions removed before being disabled.
  • Active internal user accounts are reviewed periodically to ensure only those who should be able to access your data can.
  • For users who are on long-term absence but are planning to return to the business remove all of their permissions instead of disabling their account. 

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