Manage Multiple Accounts


A system administrator has the permissions to add new users but when doing so must consider the e-mail address used, as an internal user can have multiple logins but can’t use the same e-mail address in different tenancies.

User Role

  • System Administrator

How to: Manage Multiple Accounts 

Example – Internal Users

If you have more than one tenancy, e.g. live and test, we recommend you use your company e-mail for the live tenancy and use an alternative e-mail for the test tenancy.

This is the same if you are using more than one tenancy for more than one provider, this is sometimes seen when working on a subcontracted basis and you may have multiple login details for each tenancy, each e-mail must be unique.

Example – External Users

If you are an external user such as a learner it is possible to use the same e-mail address for different qualifications.

Once logged in, the system will list the programmes you are registered to and ask you which programmes you wish to view.

Example – Dual Users

If you are a dual user and are completing a programme as a learner whilst also having a login as an internal user, it is possible to use the same e-mail address.

Once logged in, the system will show you the below image for you to choose which profile you log in as:






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