Create Internal Users


This article will guide you on how to create internal users. To do this you must be a system administrator within your tenancy please speak with your account manager to grant you these permissions. 

User Roles  

  • System Administrators   

How to: Create Internal Users 

  • Click on admin from the options at the top of the screen
  • Select User Management from the drop-down.
  • Click on new user
  • Complete all sections marked with an asterisk '*'
  • Select the permissions that the new user has, e.g. trainer. See the user roles article for more information on permissions. Once all applicable permissions have been selected press save.



If you would like to watch a video on creating internal users as part of our Client Education series please click here

Bud Recommends

  • Please note that Bud does not send automated emails to newly created internal users (we do for applicants/learners). It is your responsibility to notify internal users that they have been added to the system. 
  • Bud recommends when setting up a new internal user that you create a random password and then email the newly created user instructing them to log into and ask them to select 'forgotten password'. They will then be able to set up a new password to access their account.

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