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Within Bud, it is possible to capture, and report on, a RAG rating for each learner. This gives you the ability to capture a holistic rating for a learner, as it may be based on information that isn't stored in Bud, such as the financial stability of an employer. 

Please note, this functionality is not automatically activated for a training provider. Please contact your account manager should you wish to have it activated. Additionally, the RAG rating is internal to you as a training provider. We will not show the RAG rating to either the learner or the employer. 

User Role

  • Operations Manager 
  • Trainer

How to: Updating a Rating

If you have this functionality enabled, when a learner is enrolled they will automatically be assigned a RAG rating of Green. The rating can be viewed, and updated, on the Overview page for the learner, as shown in this video:


In order to add a new rating, simply select 'Edit Learner Rating' and then choose the new rating, the date and applied and the reason for the rating. This will then be saved and become the new rating.

Please note, if you have enrolled learners before activating this functionality, then existing learners will not yet have a rating. However, you can add one in the same way detailed above. 

All RAG ratings can be reported on via the 'On Programme' report found in the Standard Reports suite. 

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