Reporting - How to Understand Your Data


At Bud, we understand the power of data providing our users with: 

  • A full suite of standard out-the-box reports for quick and easy access to key information
  • Access to a secure data warehouse environment providing the flexibility to create customised reports

Bud continually adds to its data warehouse, as new functionality is introduced to the platform, ensuring you have the latest data at your fingertips. 

How to: Understand Your Data  

There are multiple options available to you in terms of how you can consume data from Bud's Data Warehouse:

  1. By using the embedded reports feature. To support and streamline your reporting we have provided a number of embedded, readily available reports within the platform. Visit our articles on embedded reports to find out more. 
  2. To explore your data further, outside of the embedded reports, Bud recommends using the business intelligence platform, Power BI. Click here to find out more about reporting options outside of Bud. 

Note: other Business Intelligence platforms can be used such as Tableau. However, Bud supplies a Pre-built model with relationships and report suites for Power BI.

Alternative option: 

ETL into your own Data Warehouse via SSIS/ADF/Talend etc

  • Useful for those who have existing data warehouses, who want to pull Bud data in via a direct feed.
  • If you wish to leverage this option, please speak with your Customer Success Manager who can assist with your request

What is a Data Warehouse?

Key information:

  • A Date Warehouse is a database designed for business intelligence and analysis
  • Typically this is used to read data in large volumes
  • Holds operational and analytical data
  • Holds historic data enabling trend analysis
  • Bud's Data Warehouse is refreshed every 2 hours from 6am to 10pm and takes approximately 30 minutes. The refresh is started on the even hours GMT all year, during the summer months this would be 7,9,11 etc and during the winter months 8,10,12.
  • At weekends the refresh runs less frequently - 8am, 12pm, 4pm on Sat and Sun. We also run a full load at 8pm on Saturday night which takes 3.5 hours. 

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