Embedded Reports - Providing Access and Using the Reports


Within the Bud Platform, we surface our standard reports pack, which gives you access to over 30 reports that we have created. This guide will provide you with details on:

  • Providing access to your users
  • Using the reports
    • navigations
    • filtering 
    • sorting
    • drilldown
    • exporting
  • FAQ's

User Roles 

  • Systems Administrator (switching on reporter role for relevant users)
  • Reporter (an additional role for all users who require access to reports) 

At this time our reports are based on all data available in your tenancy and it is not restricted by the other roles a user may have. For example, if you provide a Trainer with the Reporter role, they will get access to all the data and not just their learners

How to: Provide Access and use the Reports 

Provide access: 

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud. Written instructions are also provided beneath the video. 

  • Access user management area (only your system administrator has access) 
  • Search for the existing user that you wish to provide Reporter access
  • Select to edit the user
  • Toggle on the new Reporter role
  • Select which reports you would like to provide the user with access to. A user will only be able to view reports they have been provided access to. 

Navigate to the reports: 

Once you have the correct permission you will be able to access the reports from the primary navigation. A drop down will appear, and you can select the reports you wish to view. 


You will be taken to the reports you have selected. To view a report either: 

  • Click on the relevant tile 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the reports page, you will see the navigation panel, you can select to view additional/previous report options by using the forward and backwards arrows.


Once on an individual report, you can navigate back to the home page using the back arrow at the top of the report


Filtering the Report 

We have provided a selection of filters that are relevant to the report you are viewing.


If you have added a filter to the report and navigate to another report, the filter will remain in place. If you navigate away from the reports centre, for example to the learners list, then the filter will be removed.

Sorting Tables

By Selecting the three dots next to a table,


A dropdown list is presented, where you can select to sort by the columns.


Drilldown Functionality

You can select on graphs and the tables will reflect the data associated with the selected item


Expanding reports

Selecting the focus mode icon (highlighted below) will expand the report so you can see the details


Exporting data

To download/export the report data, select the three dots in the corner of graphs and tables


A drop down menu will be displayed and you can select to export the data


The option of 'which data do you want to export?' will be displayed. Select export and the file will download for you to access. 



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