OST Enrolment - Compliance Checks


This article describes the compliance checks process as part of OST enrolment. 

User Role       

  • Compliance Administrator 

How to: Complete Compliance Checks 

For the compliance checks to be completed the applicant must be in a status of 'signed up'. An applicant will move into a status of 'signed up' once all the relevant sections (those with progress indicators) have been completed, as confirmed by the green tick. The below shows how an applicant moves from being 'in progress' to 'signed up': 


As shown when the start learning button is activated the compliance checks box is made available. To view applicants that have this box available use the filter to search for those in the status of 'signed up', it is also possible to report on this status using Bud's embedded reports. Users with the relevant permission can then either: 

1. Approve the application - The application will move into a status of 'complete'. 

2. Reject the application - you will be asked to provide a reason why. The following steps will then need to take place: 

  • The application will move into a status of 'non-compliant'.
  • The application can be found under the 'non-compliant' filter and will need to be edited. 
  • Once edited it will to returned to a 'signed-up' status to be compliance checked again. 
  • The application can be approved or rejected. 

Please note an audit log of approved/rejected applications can be found at the bottom of the applicant overview by clicking 'show audit log':    audit_log.PNG


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