OST Enrolment - Application Summary Document


The Application Summary document is a signable document that is generated as part of the OST application process. The purpose of this document is to summarise the applicant’s eligibility information and their programme information. 

User Roles 

  • Operations Manager 
  • Trainer 
  • Sales Administrator 
  • General Administrator 

How to: Use the Application Summary Document 

The Application Summary document can be found in the documents panel on the application overview page.

While the application remains incomplete, as determined by the progress indicators on the mandatory pages, the document will be unavailable to view or update. As below:


Once all of the mandatory pages have been completed, the draft document will be available:


Viewing the draft document

The draft document will display the programme and applicant eligibility information provided in the application:


  • Where an optional question in the application has not been answered, the question will not be displayed on the document.
  • Where an optional page has not been answered, the section will be displayed on the document but will state that no information was provided.

Users will be able to return to the application overview page by the button at the top left of the page. If the application data is updated while the draft document is in progress, it will update accordingly. Only when all required signatures are captured will the document be completed.

Signing the document

The document is signed by the following users: 

  • The applicant 
  • A training provider user 
  • An employer contact, where applicable 

The training provider will have the option to collect signatures via one of two methods: 

1. Signature confirmed offline

Where training providers collect signatures offline from Bud, they will have the option to complete the document without involving the applicant and/or employer. To do this click the ‘obtained offline’ button. 


Only the training provider user can select the offline option.

If all three signatures are confirmed as obtained offline, the document will be completed and the application will automatically sign-up, with the learning plan generated.

2. Request online signature

Where the provider requests the applicant and/or employer's signature, an email will be sent to the user informing them that they have a document to sign. They will be able to access the document via their Bud dashboard and apply their online signature.

The online method of signing differs from the Apprenticeship workflow. Users will select two fonts and then type their signature, instead of drawing one.


The saved signatures will be displayed on the document with the date the user signed and their email address to confirm that they were logged in when they signed the document.


Start Learning

Once an Application Summary document has been completed and all signatures collected, there will be no 'Start Learning' button for the training provider to select instead this will automatically: 

  • Move the application status to 'Signed Up'
  • Generate a Learning plan
  • Generate an ILR

The Completed Document

Once the application is signed up, the completed Application Summary document will be available to view from the Application Overview page. 

Click the Application Summary document in the 'Documents' panel and the HTML file version of the document will be displayed. The document can also be downloaded to the user's local download folder by clicking the 'Download' button displayed in the top left and bottom left of the screen.



Learners and employers will also be able to view the signed Application Summary document via their portal.

  • For employers this will be accessible by clicking 'Administration' and then 'Application Documents' while viewing the learner's record. 
  • For learners this will be accessible by clicking 'Reviews & Documents' and then 'Documents' while viewing their learning record.


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