OST Self-Enrolment - Inviting Applicants to Self-Register


This article will guide you through the process of inviting an OST applicant to complete their own application details. Please note for OST Self-Enrolment the following feature switch must be enabled:

  • Self-Registration

Please speak to your account manager to discuss enabling this. 


  • Trainer
  • Operations Manager
  • General Administrator

How to: Complete an OST Self-Enrolment

Invite the applicant to self-register

You can invite an applicant to complete self-enrolment while creating a new OST application. The option to invite applicants to self-enrol will be available for the following funding models:

  • AEB
  • Advanced Learner Loans
  • Bootcamps
  • ESF
  • Study Programmes
  • T-levels
  • Traineeships
  • Other

Self-enrolment will not be available for the following funding models due to differences in the application questions:

  • Commercial
  • Scottish Apprenticeships

Once you have selected your funding model, you will be asked to enter the applicant’s first name, last name, and email address. You will then be presented with the option to invite the applicant to complete their details. Select ‘yes’ to invite them.

Once you have clicked ‘Save details’, the application will have been created and an invitation email sent to the applicant. 

The application status will reflect that the applicant has been invited:

At this point, the application will be available for the applicant to complete. You can read more about the applicant’s process here.

The application will remain unlocked for the training provider, so you will be able to continue adding details to the application if you need to.

Track the applicant's progress

The applicant’s status will reflect that they have been invited to complete the application, by stating ‘Applicant Invited’.

Once the applicant has accessed the application and saved information on any one of the pages, the application status will update to ‘Applicant Enrolment’. This is to help you to differentiate between applicants that have been invited but have not started their application and those that have started.

You can filter your OST applications by each of the application statuses, giving you insight into where each application is in the journey.

What the applicant will complete

As part of their self-enrolment, applicants will be asked to answer questions relating to their personal details. This will include the following pages of the application:

  • Personal information
  • Residency information

  • Identification

  • Support & access

  • Qualifications

  • Employment

The following pages will not be part of the applicant self-enrolment process at this stage and you, as the training provider user, will need to complete them:

  • Initial assessments
  • Programme selection
  • Learning dates
  • Programme questions (AEB-only)
  • Learner IAG (AEB-only)

Applicant completes self-enrolment

Once the applicant has completed and submitted their application, the application status will update to ‘In progress’. This informs you that the application is in progress for you, as the training provider user, and you can continue to complete the application.

You can review the information the applicant has provided in the ‘Applicant Info’ section and continue the application by populating the information in the ‘Programme Info’ section.

The applicant will be able to view their application through their dashboard, but this will be in read-only mode, and they will not be able to edit their details. They will need to contact you directly if they want to edit the information.

Completing the 'Employment' page

When an applicant selects that they are ‘in paid employment’ as their employment status during their self-enrolment, they will provide information relating to the following:

  • The length of their employment
  • Employment start date
  • Their job role
  • The number of hours per week they work

However, they will not be able to select their employer. This will remain a training provider action as this will include a list of all employers you work with, and you may not want your learners to see this.

When learners submit their self-enrolment without selecting an employer, you will have an action to go back into the ‘Employment’ page and select one for them. To help you with this, we have added a progress indicator to the ‘Employment’ page, making it mandatory to complete the page before starting learning.

When an applicant selects ‘in paid employment’ as their employment status and you need to select an employer, the progress indicator will be a half-complete green circle, as shown in the image above. The ‘Start Learning’ button on the application will be disabled until you have selected an employer and completed the page.

To complete the employment page select an employer by clicking the ‘Find employer details’ button:

If the applicant has not selected ‘in paid employment’ as their employment status, then the ‘Employment’ page will be returned to you as fully complete and you will not have an action to add more information. This will be reflected on the progress indicator by a complete, green circle.

Start learning

Once all the pages with progress indicators are complete, you will be able to click ‘Start Learning’ and generate a learning plan for the applicant.

Resending the Invite 

You can also invite applicants to self-enrol after creating the application. If you select 'no' when asked if you would like to invite the applicant to self-register and then exit the application there will still be the option to invite them when you go back into the application on the overview page  clark_kent.png
You can also re-send the invite email to applicants that have already been invited. On the application overview page, click the link to re-send the invitation to the applicant. sally_smith.png



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