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This article will guide you through using the Learning Records Service (LRS) during the enrolment of OST learners with Bud. You are now able to search for applicants to find their Unique Learner Number (ULN), and to return their Personal Learning Record and previous qualifications. Where there is no ULN, you can create one by registering the applicant during enrolment. You do not have to find or create the ULN for each applicant, but doing so now means that the ULN will be attached to the applicant's Learning Plan.

User Roles:

  • Trainer
  • Operations Manager

How to: Access the Learning Records Service

For more information either watch the video below or read through the steps outlined beneath the video. 

The LRS search is found within the Personal Information section of enrolment.

Finding an Existing Record

The LRS search function gives you the ability to search for an existing Learning Record. If you know the Applicant’s ULN, you can search by ULN, if not you can search by demographic search using the learner’s information to find their Learning Record and ULN.

Where an LRS search has been successful, the Learning Record will be returned:

You can continue through the enrolment process by selecting “Next: Residency Info”. Alternatively, you can navigate directly to qualifications, to view and revise the qualification information that has been returned by the LRS.

Viewing Qualifications Returned by LRS

The qualifications returned are found within the “Qualifications” section of enrolment. You can access this section by choosing the "Go To Qualifications" tab as shown above. Alternatively, you can navigate to the "Qualifications" section of Applicant info on the left of the page:

Here you can view qualifications that have been pulled through and remove any records that are not needed and also manually enter additional qualifications if required.

How to: Register with LRS

If a LRS record cannot be found, the applicant may not have an existing record. If you are certain that the details entered were correct, and that the applicant does not have an existing record, you can register the applicant with the LRS.



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