Manual Migration - Managing Learning Activities


This article provides guidance on how to manage activities for learners that have been manually migrated into Bud. For more information on how to manually migrate learners click here.  

User Role 

  • Trainer 
  • Operations Manager 

How to: Manage Learning Activities 

Once learners have been manually migrated into Bud you may need to make adjustments to the activities set in their learning plan. Bud recommends: 

  • Setting a migration activity and ticking off all criteria and all actual off-the-job hours that have already been covered by the learner (this could be done at programme design). 
  • Exempting activities that are not relevant to the learner.

If you are migrating a cohort of learners you could also use the group functionality to set and exempt activities. To find out more about groups in Bud click here. 


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