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Once a submission is made against an activity, the Learner can update the assessment criteria to submission mapping to suggest changes to it from the default programme mapping.

As the Training Provider user, you are able to review that mapping and make changes to it before it is locked in as the final mapping.

Note, this feature may not be enabled by your Training Provider or it may be turned off for a specific Programme. When this feature is not turned on, for support in this area follow this article.   


User Roles

  • Trainer
  • Ops Manager


How to: View and update a Learners suggested mapping

Follow these steps to review the Learners mapping and make amendments as part of marking a submission. If you prefer, a video of these steps can be found here. 

  1. Login to Bud.

  2. Go to the Learners plan.

  3. Locate the activity and click view.

Within the submission, you will be able to see the mapping status. This tell you if the Learner has completed the mapping. Note, it is not mandatory for the Learner to do this. 

  4. Click 'Mark Submission' to view and amend the mapping, along with mark the submission. 

In the new window, you will be able to see the assessment criteria which is selected when the programme is built, known as the Programme Default and the criteria the Learner has suggested it should map to. 


  5. Select the mapping you wish to set as the final criteria for this activity. Note you can select 'Show all criteria' to see anything in addition to the Programme default or the Learners suggested mapping.  


For further guidance on completing the rest of this page, follow this article.    


How To: Video


Bud Recommends

  • Encouraging your Learners to take responsibility of their programme and map what they think they have completed when submitting work. 
  • Discuss their mapping with them. Let them know why you have removed or added extra items. This supports engagement.

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