Learning Plan - Activities - How to Manually Set Activities


This article outlines the process for manually setting activities for learners. 

User Roles:

  • Trainer
  • Ops Manager
  • Learner

How to: Manually Set Activities 

Watch the video below to find out more. Written steps on how manually set activities are also provided beneath the video. 


  • Go to the relevant individual's learner plan 
  • Click the 'Filter by' menu under the programme activities heading 
  • Select 'Unset' 
  • Select the activity to be set and click 'Set Activity' 
  • Input the 'Activity Due Date' 
  • Click 'Set Activity'

Please note: 

  • Additional learner instructions and materials can be added for the learner by clicking '+Additional learner instructions & materials'
  • If the learner has additional learning support, Bud will:
    • Prompt to see if ALS is required
    • If required, Bud will capture what type of support will be provided. Presented in a selectable pick list.
    • Capture planned support in a free text box.
    • Log all of this information into the learner's ALS log. 
  • When the activity is set, the learner will receive an email and notification in the application that a new activity has been set
    • If multiple activities are set within a 15 minute window, Bud will combine all of these events into a single email. 
  • A learner can see their full learning plan including all activities. This allows a learner to start an activity ahead of it being set if they desire. However, the activity will still require the Trainer to agree a due date prior to marking. 
  • Activities within a program that have been built using the activity library can be updated for inflight learners and applicants by your curriculum team (or any user with the programme contributor or manager permissions). For more information on how changes to edits to activities propagate throughout Bud click here.  


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