Activity Management : Propagation of activity library updates webinar


The second webinar in our Activity Management series, where we cover the propagation of activity library updates to programmes, applications and in-flight learners. This webinar aims to equip you with the knowledge on how you can update your activities via the library, and how these updates then propagate through Bud.

Please note this functionality is for premium tier customers.

If you missed our webinar, you can watch it below:


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FAQs - Propagation of activity library updates

Q1 ) Can you add or remove learning materials to a published activity?

Yes, If the activity is from the library, you can go into the library activity and add/edit the learning materials. Then when ready you can get the activity republished which will trigger the propagation of that update.

The updating of learning materials of a manually added activity in a programme forms part of the next phase of work, editing activities within a published programme which is in progress now.


Q2) How do I generate compliance documents that reflect the changes made to the learning plan via the activity library updates?

The current functionality of generating new documents will only show the activities as per the learners original enrolment. The " living training plan" which will include the last schedule of activities is currently being reviewed internally and further updates will be provided via our roadmap updates.


Q3) If activity hours are amended in enrolment, and then the OTJH are amended in the activity library , the personalised activity would not be updated by an activity library update?

That is correct. If any amendments are made during enrolment to an individual activity OTJH, any future changes to the OTJH in that activity will no longer propagate for this individual. The customisation overrides the activity library for this information.


Q4) Do you need create new programmes with Activity Library activities to benefit from the updates?

Yes, your programmes will need to be built with activities from the library in order to use this functionality.

In our upcoming phases, Edit Published Programmes, you will have the option to update your existing Programmes including removing manual activities and adding in Activity Library activities.


Q5) If learners are at different stages of an activity, e.g. unset, some have added messages therefore new information or updates will pull through for some but not others, will it be easiest to create a new activity and set for all to ensure all learners (using 'groups') to ensure all have the new information?

If you are looking to add a new activity to everyone regardless of where they are in their programme/activity, you could use Group Learning to add this.

At this current time, you are unable to use activities from the library when using Group Learning. Currently activity library is to be used to build your programmes.


Q6) Can you alter an activity library activity in an individual programme?

No, you cannot alter activities from the library in a programme. Activities from the library can only be edited in the library itself as the source of truth for these activities.

There is still the option to add activities manually straight into a programme.



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