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The registration and certification pages allow you to manage a learner's registration for qualifications within Bud. Within an individual learner plan by selecting 'Reg & Cert', under the administration drop-down menu, you can see what qualifications (including functional skills) the learner is working towards, record registration and log any claims for that qualification.

Separately, we have a bulk actions page where you can see this information for all of your learners. This can be accessed by selecting the Reg & Cert tab from the Admin menu drop-down located on the primary dashboard 

Prefer to watch a video? Click here to watch a webinar on providing an over of registrations and certifications as part of our Client Education series. 

User roles

  • General Administrator 

How to: Registration & Certification Process Overview 

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to view individual qualifications for a learner and also the bulk upload area: 

At Bud we have a defined process for registering and completing a qualification which works through a number of steps:

  1. Register Learner - At the start of the apprenticeship the learner will be registered with the appropriate awarding organisations. 
  2. Complete the qualification - Once the trainer has stated that the learner has completed the qualification this will be highlighted to the IQA to check that the learner has done everything they need to complete the qualification
  3. Claim the Certificate - Request the certificate from the awarding organisation. 
  4. Record Evidence - Once the certificates have been received, copies can be uploaded into Bud. 

Each of these steps is explained in more detail in further articles. 




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