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The Registrations & Certifications page will help you identify completed aims and components (qualifications and functional skills) for learners.

User Roles

  • General Administrator 

How to: Use Reg & Cert Page  

The page can be accessed via the Admin tab on the primary dashboard and by selecting the Reg & Cert option in the drop down menu, as shown in the video below: 

Once in this area, you will be presented with 3 tabs:

  1. Unregistered - Aims not registered with an awarding organisation
  2. Ready to Claim Certificate - Aims that have been completed but not claimed
  3. Awaiting Certificate - Aims claimed and awaiting certificates 

At the top of each tab, the search bar can be used to search across all the text fields in the tables, to get the specific aims you require. 


This first tab shows all aims for all learners where the Registration Number hasn't been populated. If a learner has multiple aims which have not yet been registered then they'll appear in this list multiple times.

Clicking on 'Details' will display the details on that aim, here you can enter the registration date and number if you wish. You can also access all the details about the learner by clicking their name.

When the registration number is entered, the aim will disappear from this tab. 

Ready to Claim

This tab displays all the aims that have been completed by an IQA.

How to Claim: Those with general admin permissions can claim qualifications in bulk from this tab. If you want to claim for specific qualifications, learners or awarding bodies you can use the search bar to narrow down the list. Use the tick boxes to select the aims that you wish to claim and then select 'Process Certificate Claims', which will display a popup:


If you've already logged the claim with the awarding body then select 'Yes', where you can enter the date you logged the claim. 

If you haven't let logged the claim then enter 'No'. This will provide you with a CSV file of the selected aims. Also, you can log the claim date.

Once the claim date has been entered we will automatically update the ILR, to complete the aim, using the date the IQA signed off the aim as the learning actual end date. The aim will no longer be displayed on this tab, and will instead move to the 'Awaiting Certificates' tab.  

For clarity the date that is entered into the ILR is the date that the IQA enters as the last date of learning, as below: 


Awaiting Certificates

As soon as you've claimed a certificate for an aim it will move to the 'Awaiting Certificate' tab. You can add details when you receive the certificate by clicking the 'details' button. You can enter the certificate number and grade, as appropriate. If you enter a grade, the ILR will automatically be updated with this information. Additionally, you are able to upload a copy of the certificate, and any additional information that you may have 

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