How to Update a Learner's Employer Contact



This article will you guide through how to update a learner's employer contact. Please note the employer contact you wish to assign must be an existing employer contact already linked to the employer in Bud.  For more information on how to create an employer contact click here. 

User Roles

  • General Administrator
  • Compliance Administrator 
  • Operations Manager
  • Trainer

How to: Update a Learner's Employer Contact

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to update an employer contact. Written instructions are also provided beneath the video. 

  • Navigate to the learner you would like to update the employer contact for
  • Underneath ‘Administration’ in the secondary navigation bar, click ‘Employment Details’
  • This is where you can view the learner’s employer contact and current and previous (if applicable) employment information
  • To change the employer contact for this learner, click the ‘Change Employer Contact’ button next to their current employer
  • You will then be presented with the employer contacts associated with this employer, and select the appropriate employer contact. Please note only one employer contact can be assigned to a learner at any one time. 


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