Bulk Update Registration Data


It is possible to update the Apprenticeship registration data in bulk within Bud, by supplying a CSV file of records to be updated. This is helpful if you have a large number of records you wish to update and don't wish to update each record individually. 

User roles

  • IQA
  • General Administrator 

How to: Bulk Update Registration Data 

Data Format

Data will need to be supplied via a CSV file which contains the following column headers:

  • Learning Plan ID - The reference of the learning plan that you wish to update
  • Aim ID - The reference of the qualification that you are updating
  • Registration Number  - The registration number for the qualification
  • Registration Date - The date registration occurred

The Learning Plan ID and Aim ID are mandatory and are used to identify the record that is going to be updated. The Registration Number and Registration Date are both optional and if supplied will always be updated, even if there is data already present. To ensure speed and efficiency you are only able to update 500 records at a time. 

For ease, you can access a bulk registration template in Bud's standard embedded reports suite or you can use the attached template, which has each column the file requires. 


If you have either the IQA or General Administrator role, the video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to bulk update registration data: 

Once this option is selected you'll be presented with a screen to upload your file, which will then be validated. If any of the contents are invalid then you will not be able to proceed. An error message will be displayed indicating which fields are invalid. These errors will need to be resolved before you are able to proceed. 

Once any errors have been resolved then you'll receive confirmation of which records are going to be updated for a final check. If you are happy with the updates then you can proceed, and the changes will be updated in Bud.  

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