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This article provides an overview of the applicant summary 

User Roles 

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How to: Use the Applicant Summary 

Once you have completed all the required sections, the ‘Applicant Summary’ button at the bottom of the screen will turn from grey to blue, allowing you to move on.


The Applicant Summary replays all of the information provided within the application so far so that it can be reviewed by the applicant. The applicant must sign the summary to confirm that the details provided are correct. Once signed a snapshot of the Application Summary will be taken, providing a record of the details that were provided and agreed to. This document will only be visible to the applicant and provider.  

Please note: Prior to 1st August 2023 it was mandatory that the employer also reviewed and signed the applicant summary document. Employers will still be able to view this document for learners enrolled prior to this date and will still be required to sign this document even if changes are made through the edit flow after the 1st of August 2023. 

Also, other features may appear in the workflow if activated. Such as BKSB initial assessment, Cognassist, and Skill Scan. 

    • Should you want these activated please speak to your Customer Success Manager


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