Learning Plan - Programme Activity Metrics - % Completed/Submitted. 


The learner progression graphic on the learning plan views within Bud is tracked against activities. Therefore, the progression of either submitted or completed activities will vary based on how many activities are in the programme. 

User Roles 

  • Trainer 

How to: Calculate Expected Progression of Submitted/Completed Activities. 

  • Reviewing how many activities are included within the programme will allow you to calculate the expected % progression, upon submission. 
  • Example: 50 Activities means each activity submitted is worth 2% 
  • Once the activity is assessed by the Trainer and marked as complete the 2% progression will change from “Submitted” (Blue) to “Complete” (Green) 


Bud Recommends: 

Be mindful that adding or exempting activities will impact the expected progression for submitted and completed activities. 

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