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We’re excited to be introducing our upgraded standard reporting suite designed to improve navigation and enhance user experience. After the successful launch of our employer reports last year, we wanted to dedicate time this year to improve our standard reporting suite so that the two are more aligned.

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Q) When is this report feature being rolled out publicly and how can I access it?

Our Standard Report suite, as a part of our essentials offering, was launched on 6th September 2023.

Guidance on granting access to reports and using the data we provide can be found here: Embedded Reports - Providing Access and Using the Reports – Bud Systems (zendesk.com)


Q)Is there a functionality within Bud where the report is sent to me automatically?

With our embedded reporting, all reports are refreshed continuously on a cycle. There is not the ability to be notified of refreshes however they should be available for you at the point of need within the platform.


Q? How often do reports update/refresh?

Bud's Data Warehouse is refreshed every 2 hours from 6am to 10pm and takes approximately 30 minutes. The refresh is started on the even hours GMT all year, during the summer months this would be 7,9,11 etc and during the winter months 8,10,12.

At weekends the refresh runs less frequently - 8am, 12pm, 4pm on Sat and Sun. We also run a full load at 8pm on Saturday night which takes 3.5 hours.


Q)Is the re-launched reporting suite taking over from PowerBI?

The Reports are built from PowerBI and our Datawarehouse.


Q)Is it possible to specify what fields appear in the reports?

We only support the Standard Bud Reports within the platform. If you wish to build your own reports you will need to do so with a connection to the Data Warehouse, information can be found here: Reporting - Reports Available Outside of Bud – Bud Systems (zendesk.com)

We are always looking to evolve our reporting to meet your needs so if you have a feature request or suggestion you would like to appear in our embedded reporting please speak to your Customer Success Manager.


Q) Is there a way to report on only learners that are included in the ILR or other specific requirements?

Most reports in the Standard Reports have the “Include in ILR” field included with some being available also as a slicer.

We also offer a range of slicers on each page which should allow you to drill down to the specific information you require.


Q)Can I still export this data?

Yes, you can export the data. If you want to export data from a table, hovering over the table will reveal a 3-dots menu in the top right hand corner. Clicking on the 3 dots will give you the option to export data.

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Q)Will there be a report to support the new Destination data fields added to Bud?

These fields have been added to the datawarehouse under Presentation.[Learner Destinations]. We are investigating bringing this into the embedded reporting availability.


Q)Are there plans to link reporting to Provider QAR and measure success rate?

We currently are looking at bringing QAR Reporting into our roadmap. In the meantime, the Accountability Report is available looking at the current ILR Year.

More information on the Accountability framework can be found here: Accountability Framework – Bud Systems (zendesk.com)


Q)Will there be a webinar on the Data Warehouse so we can use it to its fullest potential?

We don’t currently have any plans to host additional webinars on the Data Warehouse. We have a range of articles available on our Zendesk to assist. For more details on additional Services for reporting see:

Bud Support and Additional Services for Reporting – Bud Systems (zendesk.com)

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