Enrolment - Funding - Payment Options for Employer Contributions


This article will outline how payments can be made by an employer where applicable. 

User Role

  • Trainer 
  • Operations Manager
  • General Administrator 
  • Compliance Administrator 

How to: Select Payment Options

The payment options will be presented on the 'Choose payment options' page if the employer has to contribute to the cost of the apprenticeship, where the agreed training cost has exceeded the maximum funding. 


This page will provide a full breakdown of the costs, detail how much the employer has to contribute and provide an area for the user to enter when the employer is going to pay (in full, monthly quarterly, or by 80/20 split). 

As this is all based on the individual applicant’s circumstances - the information presented on this page will vary from application to application:

  • By default, the 'Pay in full' option will be selected. If 'View other options' is selected the monthly, quarterly or 80/20 split options will become available. 
  • For monthly and quarterly once the date of the first payment has been entered the system will calculate the maximum number of payments allowed between this date and the apprenticeship end date. 
  • For 80/20 split, the first payment will be scheduled for one month after the start date. The 80% will be split overly monthly instalments for the duration of the practical period. The 20% will be scheduled for one month after the end of the practical period. 

Once the payment options have been entered a user will select 'next' where they will be taken to the 'Sign funding agreement' page where they will also be able to view the payment schedule


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