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This article outlines how to carry out compliance checks for individual and supporting documents. 

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User Role

  • Compliance Administrator

How to: Complete Compliance Checks 

Individual Documents: 

In order to perform a compliance check, select the individual document that needs to be checked from the list of application documents. Once a user has reviewed the document, they can confirm this by selecting the 'Complete Compliance Check' button at the bottom of the page:


Once a document has been checked a user will be returned to the Application Documents page, which will now record the date, time and user who performed the compliance check. Once checked, an individual document cannot be unchecked.  

Please note: it is not currently possible to compliance check a training plan regenerated through our 'Living Training Plan' functionality, if the application is in a 'Completed' state.

Supporting Evidence:

In the case of supporting evidence, a user will be able to check each individual piece of evidence by selecting 'Passed Compliance check'. Again this will record the date, time and user who performed the compliance check.


Unlike the application documents, the evidence can be unchecked if it is later identified that it is not sufficient. Additionally, a user can upload further evidence, or delete existing evidence up until it is fully completed.



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