Enrolment - Funding - Sign & Complete Funding Agreement


This article will provide an overview of the final step to the funding aspect of enrolment. 

User Role

  • Trainer 
  • Operations Manager
  • General Administrator 
  • Compliance Administrator 

How to: Sign and Complete the Funding Agreement

Once the Funding agreement page is agreed with the employer they are able to add their signature, along with the training provider.

The 'Complete Application' button will be enabled and selecting it will create a snapshot of the funding document and update the application status to 'Signed-Up' and take the user to the Application Documents page:


The application is now ready to have the compliance checks performed. 

Funding Report: This report will allow you to export all of the funding information, including the payment schedule and details of the employer contact, to a CSV file. More details on the specifics of the report can be found here.


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