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This article will provide an overview of the funding outcome section. The funding outcome will:

  • Identify how the apprenticeship is going to be funded
  • Provide a breakdown of all the costs
  • Identify if the employer is due to receive additional payments
  • Display a payment schedule if the employer has to contribute
  • Allow the employer and training provider to sign, to indicate their agreement

User Role

  • Trainer 
  • Operations Manager
  • General Administrator 
  • Compliance Administrator 

How to: Understand the Funding Agreement

The information in the funding outcome is based on the individual applicant's circumstances the information presented on this page will vary from application to application.

Applicant Details: The first section provides a re-cap of the application details, including the Programme name, start and end dates

Programme Costs: The Programme Costs section details the total cost of the Programme, and how these costs are made up. When first loaded the page just shows the Total Programme Cost, a user can select 'view calculations' to expand the details and get a breakdown of the Total Programme Cost, showing:

  • Original maximum funding band
  • Maximum funding band after any applicable RPL
  • Agreed training cost
  • End point assessment (EPA) cost
  • Total Apprenticeship cost

In addition, a warning will be presented if the total programme costs are greater than the maximum funding available, as this guarantees that the employer will have to contribute to the programme costs. 

Funding Outcome: The funding outcome section now displays the following fields:

  • Contribution towards training cost
  • Contribution towards EPA cost
  • Amount above maximum funding band to contributed by employer, if applicable. 



The Funding Outcome section will detail who is going to pay for the apprenticeship and any costs to the employer. There are three possible scenarios:

  1. The apprenticeship is fully funded by the ESFA. In this case, the employer does not need to contribute anything. 
  2. The apprenticeship is funded by the Levy pot. Again the employer does not have to directly contribute to the cost of the apprenticeship. 
  3. The apprenticeship will be funded via Co-Invest, i.e. both the ESFA and the employer will contribute towards the costs of the programme. 

If the applicant meets the criteria for the Young Persons Allowance then this will be presented in this section. We will indicate the months in which the employer payments are due, based on the apprenticeship start date. 

Once the Funding agreement page is agreed with the employer they are able to add their signature, along with the training provider. 


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