How to Delete Learners/Applicant Data


This article will guide you through how to request for learner records or learners' applicant data to be deleted. 

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  • Compliance Administrator 

How to: Request to Delete a Learner Record/Applicant Data 

There may be instances where you are required to remove learners or applicant data from Bud entirely. This could be due to:

  • GDPR breach
  • Reporting purposes
  • General housekeeping

Bud has no obligation to retain data and will support requests using the deletion tool. To complete the request Bud will require

  • Learner's forename 
  • Surname
  • Bud ID
  • Email address
  • Application ID (this can be found in the URL of the application/learning plan)
  • Training Provider Name
  • Reason for Deletion
  • Requesters Full Name
  • Request Date

Please note: If you receive a request to remove data that falls under Right to be Forgotten, it is important that you notify us promptly and advise when the request was made by the learner, so that we can assist within the required timeframes.

Please use the attached document below to add the information and send it to the Bud Support Team

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