Activity Management: Edit published standard apprenticeship programmes and the propagation of updates

The third webinar of the activity management series where we cover the ability to edit a published standard apprenticeship programme and the propagation of these updates to application and learning plans. This webinar equips you with the knowledge required to edit your published programmes and how this propagates through the applications and learning plans.


If you missed our webinar, you can watch it here:



Q1) If you edit a published programme to add an activity or update it what implication/s does that have?

The changes made to a programme will propagate to applications and learning plans. For learning plans the status of each activity is checked before an update is applied, for example, if a learner has already completed an activity that is updated the changes will not apply. 

Full business rules can be found here.


Q2) Why are the title, summary and other fields greyed out in an activity when editing a programme?

The fields will be greyed out if it is an activity library activity. To edit the content of an activity from the library, you need to go back to the library to make these edits. These will then propagate through to programme, enrolment and learning plans as per the business rules.

Q3) What edits can you make to activities?

You can update all information on an activity including

  • type of activity
  • Off the job hours
  • Target start and end month
  • Knowledge, Skills & Behaviour mapping 

Q4)Where do i add mapping for Activity Library activities ?

Once you have added an activity library activity to a programme you can then set the target start/end date and mapping which is specific to that programme.


Q5) Why would there be a need to create a manual activity?

We encourage you to build all of your activities in the library to enable easy efficient content control. However, we understand that there may still be a need for manual activities on a particular programme so we have kept this functionality.


Q6) Is there any way to edit the standard linked to a programme?

No, not at this time. A new programme will need to be created. If you build your activities in the library it will enable you to pull them into new programmes , which will speed up creating new programmes.

Q7) Can you add in a qualification into the programme using this process?

Not at this time, the Activity Management series has focused on the activity functionality within programmes.


Q8) When adding the start month, why do you then need to drag and drop the activity to its position?

The drag and drop functionality does not alter the ordering of the activities, but allows you to see how the  programme will present. The ordering of the activities in the enrolment and learning plan is based on the target start/end that you set.

The automatic ordering in programme is something we are aware of, and will be considered.


Q9) Will there be any links to the training plan if new activities get added?
The ability to generate a training plan with the latest information of a learners activity is currently in development and will be available soon.




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